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Please submit the form below to stop your automatic rental payments and initiate your rental pickup from your school or home.​

Please Note: You have two months of rent credit to apply toward a Rent-To-Own contract or the purchase of a new or used instrument.  This credit will expire within 30 days of submission of this form.


For more information about our Rent-To-Own program, click here

For more information about purchasing a new or used instrument, click here.

When your rental is returned your autopayments will stop for that instrument.

Return Your Rental Form

Where should we pick the rental up?
Will the student be continuing in band or orchestra?
Your Two Months of Rent Credit Expires in 30 Days:

Your automatic payments will be suspended upon receipt of this form if you have selected home or school pickup.

Checking/ACH autopay payments are transmitted one day before the due date and will be refunded when your payment clears in 5-10 business days.

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